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Seenajah: "The Future"

Seenajah translates to "future" in Vai, the regional language in Grand Cape Mount.

Seenajah Liberia will offer practical solutions to the multi-faceted problems the youths of the country are facing. We will help educate and empower future leaders to stabilize the country's food source and economy. We are calling on the assistance of foreign philanthropists, partners, and friends of Liberia to help the next generation of leaders in re-building the country as the forefathers did.

[Please review our PHASE ONE Outreach Projects here]


Liberia is home to an estimated 4.8M people with a median age of 18 years old and literacy rates below 50%, yet educational expenditures are only 2.8% of the GDP.


The inception of Seenajah began with foundational projects that engage the youth with their interest.

Be Unique

Whether it be books or bicycles; a leap into ad-lib acting; figuring out computer key strokes; creating imagery from scratch with color and shapes, it was an activity that clearly brought joy & learning to our students. Projects: Read 2 Ride; Improv Theater, Computer Literacy; & Visual Arts are our core vehicles for building valuable skill sets.

Food Security

We will combat Liberia's food insecurity by creating a multifaceted agriculture plan led by educated and empowered young Liberians skilled in Agriculture.

Food Seurity

The goal of this is to ignite the agriculture industry in Liberia by producing skilled laborers, creating critical-thinkers and change-makers who will create jobs and solutions to lead Liberia to a future of zero hunger and eradicate food insecure populations while lessening the country's dependency on imported foods.


We will educate and create future leaders in the agriculture industry at the Seenajah Voc-Tech High School.


These Voc-Tech Graduates will be critical thinkers, innovators, and change-makers. They will help lead Liberia into a stable, unified future based on the principles of the United Nations 17 Substantial Goals. We will improve literacy and academic achievement in marginalized Liberians age 18 and under through our community outreach programs in urban areas.