Introducing Seenajah Student: Johnnett

I’ve met so many wonderful children over the past 4 years, but one of the little girls that really inspired and motivated me to keep coming back is Johnnett. Seenajah student

Johnnett is a very special child whom I’ve gotten to know very well and she has become almost like a daughter to me. Every time I arrive in Liberia to host events, Johnnett and her cousins, the ardent supporters they are, always attend.  She is always very engaging, makes sure she stops by to confirm the schedule of our activities and is always the first to drop off her story to me (I ask them to write stories about their daily life).

I selected some children to write stories for me as a test to see their commitment and discipline and I was pleasantly surprised when all of them brought in their handwritten stories on time.

On my last trip to Liberia, in August of 2019, Johnnett’s grandfather paid me a visit to thank me for showing so much support and attention to children in the community. We had a lengthy chat and I offered to pay Johnnett’s tuition and support her schooling. I could not have made a better decision.

Seenajah students

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