Introducing Seenajah Student: Prince

I met Prince during one of our ice cream parties 4 years ago….what an awesome kid!

While most children were having a great time having ice cream and chatting away, Prince was walking through the community selling coconut and peanut candy his mother made. I invited him over and purchased all of his candy so his mother wouldn’t be upset with him for not finishing his work. I found out Prince had to sell on most days after school and on the weekends, when most children were playing, he had to do his daily walk through the neighborhoods selling candy and other treats.

I’ve gotten to know Prince over the past 4 years and he’s grown  into the caring teenager I thought he’d become. He is very thoughtful, reliable, highly punctual and always ready to assist with whatever little help we need during our rehearsals or parties we throw. I am really excited about this young man’s future.

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