The Team

Saiba K. Roberts
Founder / Executive Director

SAIBA KHASU ROBERTS is the founder of CARVD FITNESS, Green Genie Cleaning and Seenajah - The Future of Liberia, a charitable organization. Saiba is a relentless visionary with a strong entrepreneurial spirit who over the past four years has traveled to Liberia multiple times a year to run a literacy program and host a variety of events for children. His commitment to helping his community began back in high school at Durfee High in Fall River, MA, where he’s recognized for founding the illustrious Multicultural Week. He attended the College of Holy Cross and majored in Political Science.

Jehu Richardson
Senior Vice President

JEHU A. RICHARDSON (Capt), President of Coastal Ventures Inc. He served as C00 of Kumblo Bumi Inc and General Manager of Amlib United Minerals, and Geoservices Inc respectively, based in Liberia. At Geoservices, he and his partner and brother, Nathaniel R. Richardson, PhD Geophysicist, successfully planned, restored and operated the 14-year dormant Bong Mines railroad for some 10 years until the government entered an agreement with China Union to attempt to restart iron ore productions. A retired airline captain, he served as General Operations Manager of Air Liberia and holds the distinction of Knight Commander for his contributions to Aviation. He also hold a Commercial helicopter pilot's license as well as his Airframe and Power Plant diploma from Northrop Institute of Technology in Inglewood, CA.

David Rosen, PhD
Board Advisor

DR. DAVIS ROSEN was Executive Director of the Adult Literacy Resource Institute at the University of Massachusetts in Boston from 1986 to 2003. Since then, he has worked in the USA and internationally as an independent consultant and advisor to programs for school children or formerly out-of-school youth in Northern Cyprus, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, South Africa, and Liberia. In Liberia, he has been a curriculum evaluator and trainer for two national Education Development Center multi-year USAID-funded projects and is currently an advisor with the Friends of Liberia to the WE-CARE Foundation in Liberia for its Family Literacy Initiative, funded by the Open Society Foundation. Dr. Rosen is the author or co-author of several books or columns on education.

James E. Robertson, M.F.A, M.Ed. 
Board Advisor

JAMES E. ROBERTS (aka Kona Khasu) is a poet, playwright, director of stage and TV and educator who served as Director for Planning at Liberia’s Ministry of Education from 2006-2010 where he led the Liberian delegation that negotiated governing principles of the 240mil Pool Fund to rebuild Liberia’s post-war education system with donor partners UNICEF, Soros Foundation, the EU and others. He served as Executive Director of the Providence Baptist Foundation on retiring. Accomplishments include the completion of the Alexander Letter Academy on the Liberia/Sierra Leone border. This school served as the site of a farm and Providence Water, a commercially sold bottled water that remains the church’s most successful social entrepreneurial effort. [read more]

Catherine Khasu
Board Advisor

HON. CATHERINE WATSON KHASU served as Superintendent (state governor) of Grand Cape Mount from 2006 - 2012 where she was the first woman to do so and was a beloved and effective servant of the people due to her command of several local languages, her vision, and understanding of traditional Liberian and Western customs. She holds a Law Degree from the University of Liberia and a Diploma in International Relations and Development from Oxford. Hon Watson had a long career as in the Liberian Foreign Service, beginning as a research analyst in the Afro-Asian Bureau in 1980. She served posts in Egypt and Brussels in the 80s and 90s respectively and finally retired after being asked to serve a few years in the People’s Republic of China from 2015-2017.

William Ponder
Board Advisor

WILLIAM PONDER, JR is an economic policy analyst and banker with over 25 years of experience in central banking and investment banking. Mr. Ponder began his career in 1985 as an Economic Researcher in the Research Department of the National Bank of Liberia, NBL (currently the Central Bank of Liberia). At the central bank, Mr. Ponder was a primary member of the research and policy team engaged in consultative meetings with and providing policy-related information to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) missions to Liberia. He holds a Bachelors's in Economics from the University of Liberia and an MBA in Public Management/Economic Development from Boston University. He worked with the Brown Brothers Harriman and Company (BBH) in the United States for 17 plus years in trade operations and institutional wealth management roles.

Amanda Cohen
Chief Special Gifts Officer
AMANDA COHEN is an accomplished business woman who was born and raised in the Boston area. As the Director of Recruiting at a prominent boutique staffing firm, she spends her time developing individuals in their sales careers as well as assisting several businesses in their recruiting efforts.  A University of Massachusetts Amherst Graduate, she has spent time volunteering in Costa Rica where she lived with host families, built homes and assisted in the cleanup/ reconstruction effort for the Monte Verde Cloud Forest Project.
Rocheford A. Padmore
Board Advisor

ROCHEEFORTE A. PADMORE has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and is currently Stability Laboratory Team Leader at Pfizer Scientific Laboratory Services.   He works collaboratively across business units and functional areas as Subject Matter Expert for several Pfizer products; and participates in ancillary projects, as a strategist during regulatory agency inspection, representative to technical meetings, and support to manufacturing organizations. [read more]


KATALINA-VANESSA CIOROBEA is an International student from Bucharest, Romania. She is a sophomore at Boston University(‘22), majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Business. Katalina has volunteered at the Haley House Soup Kitchen in Boston as a member of BU Medlife Club. Medlife is “a non-profit organization that pushes a worldwide movement, empowering the poor in their fight for equal access to healthcare, education, and safe homes.” Katalina is inspired by helping people, especially children and wishes to pursue a career in this capacity.

Seenajah’s On-site Staff

Seenajah - Liberian staff
Seenajah On-site Staff – from left to right: Sylvester, Sylvia, AB, Sis, Saiba, Frank, Abenigo & Emmanuel